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Título: State fragility and the determinants of women’s financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa
Autor/es: Ariel Herbert Fambeu, Patricia Tchawa Yomi
Localización: RÉGION ET DÉVELOPPEMENT, ISSN 1267-5059, N.56, 2022, págs. 61-76

Resumen: The aim of this paper is to analyze the role of the fragility of African states on the individual determinants of women’s financial inclusion. To this end, we use microeconomic data on 35 sub-Saharan African countries in 2017. Using a probit specification and a Heckman selection model, we show that the probability of being financially included is lower among women and in the most fragile states. The results also highlight the differentiated incidence of women’s individual characteristics on their financial inclusion in the most fragile states. Indeed, on the one hand, youth, poverty and the lack of mobile phones are the discriminating factors for women to have an account and build up savings. On the other hand, women’s individual characteristics do not explain the likelihood of making online payments in fragile states. Therefore, the effectiveness of policies to promote inclusion should vary according to the type of financial service and the level of state fragility.

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